Convergence | How the world will be painted with data


In Convergence author and Forbes columnist Charlie Fink tells the story of Augmented Reality (AR), a new technology that’s already seeping into every smartphone and every workplace. AR’s merger with new 5G and AI technologies will unleash a wave of innovation that will enable wearable, invisible, latency-free and ubiquitous computing. The book uses a kind of mobile AR called “marker AR” to allow readers to use their smartphone to bring pages to life, demonstrating with art and entertainment how the world, and every person, place, and thing, will be painted with data.

“Fink’s use of the AR medium matches his important message in this compelling read.”

– Jim Bankoff, founder and CEO, Vox Media

“Not only does this book provide access to the current trends in XR, but it also lets the reader enter the world using hands-on experiences.”

– Nonny de La Pena, Award Winning producer, VR/AR Pioneer. Founder, Emblematic Group

“Convergence helps us see with new eyes what a world painted with data will look like – comprehensive and convenient, connected and colorful. A great read.”

–Gary Shapiro, President, and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association and bestselling author of Ninja Future

“Fink has assembled a dream team in this book, and those who want to understand the past, the present, and the future of AR should start here.”

– Jeremy Bailenson, founding Director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, and author of Experience on Demand

“This is a book so far ahead of its time it seems like you’re living in the future as you read it”

– Walter Parkes, Chairman and co-founder, Dreamscape Immersive. Producer of Men In Black, Catch Me If You Can, Flight, Minority Report, Gladiator, A.I., and dozens more; co-writer of WarGames and Sneakers

How To

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1. Download the “ConvergenceAR” App from the iTunes App Store  or Google Play 

2. Open App

3. Point your camera at the book’s cover below. For best results, print the cover.


Convergence | How the world will be with painted data. The AR-enabled Book About AR - Conceived, Produced, & edited by Charlie Fink, Foreword by Jay Samit, author of Disrupt You!